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Breast Cancer is the leading type of cancer in women. According to WHO, one in every 8 women in US is at the risk of developing a breast abnormality in her life time. It is well-established that early diagnosis is very critical in saving a life of a cancer patient. We at Meditherma have developed a new cancer screening software that uses machine intelligence over thermography images to enable a low cost, easy to use, portable solution and requires minimal human supervision. Our solution can detect cancer at a much earlier stage than traditional diagnostic methods and self-examination and can therefore improve survival rates. Our method of breast cancer screening can detect tumors 5 times smaller than what clinical exam can detect, is non-contact, painless and free of any radiation, apart from being low-cost, and universally accessible. With our solution, women of all age groups can undergo frequent screening without any side-effects.

The current gold standard for breast cancer screening, Mammography, requires high capital cost for equipment and experienced radiographers. It is recommended once every 2 years and only to women above 45 years because it cannot identify tumours effectively for younger women, and uses of X-rays for scanning, which can make women more susceptible to cancer if screened multiple times. In addition, it is also very painful for the subject (about 20 pounds weight is applied on the breasts while screening). Other common method of clinical exam can detect tumors only after they are large enough to be palpable.

  • More accurate than physical examination.
  • Detects cancer long before a lump can be felt.
  • No harmful radiation.
  • No-touch, non-invasive, not painful.
  • Works for women of all ages, even below 40 years.
  • Portable, light, small screening device.
  • Automated detection using Machine Intelligence.

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