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SMILE (Software with Machine Intelligence for Life Enhancement) is a web interface for the Meditherma certified technician to upload demography information about the patient along with her thermal images. The information is processed using our patented technology, Infralytix, to analyse the patient’s breast health condition. Our solution automatically generates a report listing certain unique parameters obtained from patient thermal images and also recommends a breast health score. Our customers can configure their own expert Radiologist for their center for report certification. They can optionally, avail expert opinion from Meditherma panel of certified Radiologists for an additional price.

Functionalities of SMILE:

  • A simple web based link for the user to access the tool.
  • A separate interface for expert Radiologist to view the patient information.
  • Automated report generation with unique parameters generated by Infralytix.
  • Automated cropping for breast region segmentation.
  • Automated marking of potential abnormalities in breast images.
  • Generation of 3-page detailed report with quantitative metrics from analyzing thermal images.
  • Temperature display on hovering over the image.
  • Certification from an experienced Radiologist.

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